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5G-Blueprint at the EuCNC & 6G Summit 2022

On June 8-10, 2022, 5G-Blueprint exhibited at the EuCNC and 6G Summit in Grenoble, France, where more than 25 European projects gathered to present their progress, results, and demonstrations. 

5G-Blueprint shared a stand with two sister projects from the ICT-53 call, namely 5GMED and 5G-Routes. The three projects presented their activities and progress to the event’s large audience comprised of academics, policymakers, and industrial stakeholders (e.g., mobile network operators). Sharing a booth allowed the projects representatives to share knowledge and lessons learned, further fostering their ongoing collaboration.



Taking advantage of a physical event, the 5G-Blueprint communication team recorded several videos to shed more light on the project and its use cases.

Watch the remarks by Dr. Johann Márquez-Barja, 5G-Blueprint Technical Coordinator

Watch the videos featuring Dr. Nina Slamnik to learn more about the project use cases

About the  EuCNC & 6G Summit

The EuCNC & 6G Summit 2022 builds on putting together two successful conferences in the area of telecommunications: the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC), supported by the European Commission and the 6G Summit, which originated from the Finnish 6G Flagship program. The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and the European Association for Signal Processing. The event focuses on all aspects of telecommunications, ranging from 5G deployment and mobile IoT to 6G exploration and future communications systems and networks, including experimentation and testbeds as well as applications and services. The 2022 edition was held in Grenoble, France in a hybrid mode with the possibility of both in-person and remote attendance. The 2023 edition will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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