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5G-Blueprint paper featured in Logistiek+

A 5G-Blueprint paper, “Assessing the Benefits of Teleoperation of Trucks by Logistics Service Providers” by Bahman Madadi and Thierry Verduijn from HZ University of Applied Sciences was featured in the 13th edition of Logistiek+ issued by KennisDC Logistiek.



Experts believe that truck teleoperation will improve logistics operations and that it could be the first step towards fully autonomous transportation. The potential added value and impact of teleoperation on the logistics chain has hardly been mapped out yet. In this paper, we analyze and simulate the transport planning of three transport companies to estimate how many teleoperators are needed to carry out the journeys of the entire fleet. The logistics segment, size of the fleet, and the service level with which an operator is assigned to a vehicle are important factors for the teleoperator-to-vehicle ratio (T/V ratio).

You can download the full paper (in Dutch), here.

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