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5G-Blueprint presented at HAN Automotive Research Knowledge Festival

On May 20, 2022, 5G-Blueprint was presented at an interactive workshop on teleoperation that took place as part of the HAN Automotive Research Knowledge Festival in Arnhem, NL. During the workshop, aspects such as technology, possibilities, and risks were discussed, and the overall feedback was very positive. After an informative presentation, the attendants of the workshop were split into two teams: the ‘dream’ thinkers and the ‘doom’ thinkers. The first group was tasked with bringing forward arguments in favor of wide teleoperation deployment. The second group had to identify potential issues and bring forward arguments against teleoperation. The exercise led to an interesting and in-depth discussion on the potential of teleoperation. The session proved very informative, especially for people who were not yet familiar with the concept of teleoperation.

You can download the presentation slides here (PDF)

About HAN Automotive Research Knowledge Festival

HAN Automotive Research Knowledge Festival gathers researchers, students, and the business community involved in the mobility domain. The purpose of the event is to share the latest practice-based knowledge in the field of intelligent mobility. The event features presentations and interactive poster and demo sessions.

More about the event here

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