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Roboauto technology deployed in a chemical plant

Tele-operated driving for delivering logistics is happening in a chemical plant in the Czech Republic.

Our colleagues from Roboauto, together with their partner Bringauto, have developed a logistics delivery vehicle which uses tele-operation technology: Bringauto supplied the vehicle itself and Roboauto fitted it with a tele-operation module.

The vehicle is operated from Bringauto’s offices, located in Brno (Czech Republic), around 160 km from the chemical plant.

Every day, three times a day the vehicle travels a 3 km route to deliver chemicals in fairly heavy traffic conditions. In general, the delivery route usually remains the same for each delivery though alternative itineraries are foreseen depending on external conditions.

Since delivery only takes place three times a day, the chemical plant has considerable financial savings otherwise spent on unallocated drivers.

A further advantage for the company is the safety aspect of handling chemicals: the usage of tele-operation nullified the risk to the driver.

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