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15 Dec: First challenges of 5G in tele-operation in logistics defined

The 5G Blueprint project, exploring the possibilities of tele-operation within the logistics industry, has opened up a whole new field…

26 Nov: 5G-Blueprint at Vehicle Teleoperation Forum

On Friday 13 November 2020, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST),  has organized the “NIST Vehicle Teleoperation…

24 Nov: 5G PPP Webinar: 5G for Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility

On 6 November 2020, 5GPPP hosted a two-part webinar on Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility bringing together the ICT-18-2018 5G…

17 Nov: Roboauto technology deployed in a chemical plant

Tele-operated driving for delivering logistics is happening in a chemical plant in the Czech Republic. Our colleagues from Roboauto, together…

Designing and validating a technical architecture, business and governance model for uninterrupted cross-border teleoperated transport based on 5G connectivity


Project Acronym: 5G-Blueprint

Project Name: Next generation connectivity for enhanced, safe & efficient transport & logistics

Funded Under: H2020-ICT-2018-20 – Information and Communication Technologies

Topic: ICT-53-2020: 5G PPP – 5G for Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM); ICT-53-2020

Call for proposal: H2020-ICT-2019-3

Starting Date: 01/09/2020

Duration: 36 Months

The 5G-Blueprint team wishes you all happy holiday season!


🔎 5G, drones & #AI: what can they do together?

🌐 Thanks to #5G, drones can quickly transmit high-resolution images to an #AI engine, enabling the detection of accident risks on the track 🚨.

🚅 Like this interesting project by @ERA_railways ➡️ http://bit.ly/3p1Ry36

5G Blueprint identifies risks, benefits and requirements for #teleoperation in #logistics
🏅Major benefit disappearance of idle time
🚫Risks capabilities of the #5G network, safety requirements and legal framework


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The 5G PPP is proud to announce that the second edition of the 5G PPP Infrastructure -Trials and Pilots Brochure (N°2) is now available to provide an overview of the latest 5G PPP Trials & Pilots achievements.

Download it here ⬇️

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Updated ENISA 5G Threat Landscape Report to Enhance 5G Security


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