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Enabling functions

5G-Blueprint will implement and deploy several functions to guarantee safer and smoother teleoperated transport and more predictable trip times.

Enhanced awareness HMI

The teleoperation dashboard will be enriched with safety related messages such as speed advice, warnings, navigation and routing features.

Vulnerable road users interactionS

Teleoperators will be alerted of pedestrians and cyclists on their predicted path, based on real-time communication between a smartphone App and the teleoperation control tower.

Time slot reservations at intersections

The teleoperated transport will be allowed a green-lighted clearance of the intersection at a specific moment in time; the teleoperator will be provided with an advice speed to make the time slot.

Distributed Perception

Using the sensors of other road users or road-side infrastructure, the perception range of the teleoperator is extended, giving the teleoperator a detailed, dynamic view of the traffic ahead.

Active collision avoidance

Trucks will be equipped with active collision avoidance system that includes the following functionalities: forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blind spot warning and headway monitoring and warning.

Container ID recognition

Based on computer vision processing this function automatically recognises the identification number (BIC code) and type (ISO code) for autonomous container handling.

ETA sharing

At various points during the trip, relevant actors will be updated on the estimated time of arrival of the teleoperated truck taking into account real time traffic and potential obstacles.

Scene Analytics

By processing real time streams of data from multiple actors this function aims to optimize the logistic chain of the teleoperated transport taking into account buffer parking optimisation and route terminal optimisation.