Use Cases

5G-Blueprint will carry out safe inter-harbour teleoperated transport use cases enabled by 5G technology

5Gblueprint use cases

Use Case 1: Automated Barge Control

Port entry efficiency will be increased by reducing crew requirements for barging. Vessel navigation during barging will be performed completely by the vessel captain in collaboration with a teleoperating captain in the Shore Control Centre, eliminating further crew interventions. Pilots will be located in the ports of Antwerp and Vlissingen.

Use Case 2: Automated driver-in-loop docking functionality

Yard tractors will be equipped with standardized connectivity solutions for an optimized docking operation with respect to time and space requirements. Positioning of these yard trucks will be performed via camera based on Real-Time Locating System (RTLS), either stationary or via a drone. Next to this, a mobile harbour crane will be retrofitted with teleoperation functionality, operated by a remote control centre operator resources. Pilots will be located in the ports of Antwerp and Vlissingen.

Use Case 3: CACC based platooning

On dedicated cross-border roads Cooperative Collision Avoidance System (CACC) enabled cars and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle self-driving containers with C-V2X capabilities will be piloted. Pilots will be located on cross border roads.

Use Case 4: Remote take-over operations

Yard truck and self-driving container pilot vehicles will be equipped for remote teleoperation operations by human operators in the pilot areas.  Pilots will be located within harbor environments and in public road test stretch.