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Reporting back from EuCNC 2023

5G-Blueprint continued its summer tour in Gothenburg, Sweden, attending this year’s edition of EuCNC/6G Summit (which took place from June 6th to 9th): the project conducted diverse activities at the event, which proved a significant milestone to spread the word about the project’s vision and achievements.



Although 5G-Blueprint presence was once again supported by the common participation of the fellow Connected and Automated Mobility 5G-PPP ICT-53 projects 5GMED5GRAIL and 5G-ROUTES – which had indeed their own shared showcase at the event – the project organised a standalone showcase at EuCNC, which not only featured updated communication material (namely, our updated brochure) but also a remote driving simulator, which allowed visitor to put themselves in the (virtual) shoes of a teleoperator and experience first-hand the benefits of the innovative 5G solutions that we’re fostering for future transport and logistics.


Pearse O'Donohue and Jesus Alonzo-Zarate trying the 5G-BLUEPRINT remote driving simulator
Pearse O’Donohue (EC) and Jesus Alonzo-Zarate (i2CAT) trying the remote driving simulator at the 5G-BLUEPRINT showcase


The simulator was definitely the highlight of our showcase, attracting a steady flow of visitors, including European Commission’s Director of Future Networks Pearse O’Donohue and Jesus Alonso-Zarate (Director Research and Innovation Policy and Strategy in Europe at i2CAT), trying their hands at the wheel.



5G-Blueprint also featured in three sessions at the event, presenting its solutions and achievements both autonomously or in the context of the larger CAM-related projects’ ecosystem.

The sessions’ participation was kicked off in the morning of June 7, with the collective special session “5G for CAM in cross-border scenarios: challenges and lessons learnt” – which organisation was led by 5G-Blueprint itself – that reunited under the same roof the aforementioned ICT-53 projects and their predecessors, ICT-18 projects 5G-Mobix, 5GCroCo and 5GCARMEN, to sum up what has been collectively achieved in terms of cross-border sustainability of connectivity, and how we can bring it to the next level.

Markus Dillinger – Head of 5G R&D for verticals at Huawei, Executive Committee member of 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) and co-initiator WG CAM vice chairman – served as a moderator, also offering an overview of the projects’ paths and work, with the support of the facts and figures recently presented in the 5G-PPP and SNS JU Ecosystem’s updated brochure on “Trials and Pilots for Connected and Automated Mobility”; offering the EC perspective on the projects was Jorge Pereira (DG CONNECT), who spoke of his first-hand experience overseeing the work conducted within them and how they fit in today’s and future Europe. Representing 5G-Blueprint among the speakers/panelists coming from the projects, our Technical Coordinator Johann Marquez-Barja (imec).

The full slide deck for the session can be downloaded here


Johann Marquez-Barja (imec) on the stage of the "5G for CAM in cross-border scenarios: challenges and lessons learnt"
Johann Marquez-Barja (imec) on the stage of the “5G for CAM in cross-border scenarios: challenges and lessons learnt” session


The afternoon of the following day (June 8) saw instead Marquez-Barja talking about 5G-Blueprint in the session entitled “Enabling innovation in Transport and Logistics operations: a 5G approach”, led by fellow EU-funded project FOR-FREIGHT and involving other 5G logistics-focused projects and initiatives such as 5G-LOGINNOVVITAL-5G, and FENIX. The general scope of the session was to bring forward a multi-perspective impact of 5G connectivity on improving the operations and whole end-to-end processing in T&L.

The representatives of all projects presented the work conducted – also in the form of a thematically-fitting collective paper created for the occasion – and followed this up with a roundtable for discussion, which also included the attending audience.


The panelists of the "Enabling innovation in Transport and Logistics operations: a 5G approach" special session
The panelists of the “Enabling innovation in Transport and Logistics operations: a 5G approach” special session


5G-Blueprint was also part of EuCNC’s Poster Sessions, presenting the research of partner TNO, namely, the paper “5G Standalone Seamless Roaming for Cross-Border Automotive Use Cases”, within Poster Session B  – also held on June 8, in the congress’ foyer. The related presented poster summarised achievements on the technical level and can be downloaded from our “promotional materials” section.



A few words from our technical coordinator

To conclude our report on EuCNC, we’d like to leave the floor once again to Marquez-Barja, summing up from 5G-Blueprint’s booth, in a nutshell, one of the biggest achievements of the projects, which is also to be considered as an all-European milestone, advancing 5G: low latency in the teleoperation domain.


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