Public deliverables

This page gives you the opportunity to download all the submitted public deliverables developed within the scope of the project. As the evaluation and approval process by the EC is ongoing, some of the content may change.

Deliverable Title Date
D3.1 Business cases and initial value network (PDF available here) May 2021
D3.2 Delineation of business models (PDF available here) Feb 2022
D3.3 Techno-economic analysis (PDF available here) Oct 2022
D3.4 Validated business models Sept 2023
D3.5 Governance models and recommendations Nov 2023
D4.1 Barge use case Nov 2023
D4.2 Tele-operated docking system use case Nov 2023
D4.3 CACC enabled cards and containers use case Nov 2023
D5.1 5G network requirements and architecture (PDF available here) Aug 2021
D5.2 Initial report on the 5G network deployment (PDF available here) Jun 2022
D5.3 Technical requirements and governance guidelines for MNO’s vendors and national authorities to support seamless cross-border roaming (PDF available here – EC approval pending) Nov 2023
D5.4 Final report on the 5G network evaluation Nov 2023
D5.5 Report on dual SIM for seamless cross-border TO Nov 2023
D5.6 Study on hybrid 5G C-V2X communications Nov 2023
D5.7 Use of public/private fibre infrastructure in a 5G landscape (PDF available here) May 2023
D6.1 Description of enabling functions and their requirements (PDF available here) Nov 2020
D6.2 Description of functional architecture (role and functional) (PDF available here) Feb 2021
D6.3 Description of enabling functions architecture (technical) (PDF available here) May 2021
D7.1 Initial Defined Architecture (PDF available here) Mar 2023
D7.2 Platform Integration and Minimum Viable Platform (PDF available here) Aug 2022
D7.3 Final Architecture Revisited Feb 2023
D7.4 Evaluation of integrated technologies Nov 2023
D8.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan (PDF available here) Nov 2020
D8.2 5G-Blueprint visual identity and promo toolkit (PDF available here) Oct 2020
D8.3 Intermediate Dissemination, Standardisation, Exploitation and Joint Activities Report (PDF available here) Feb 2022
D8.4 Final Dissemination, Standardisation, Exploitation and Joint Activities Report Dec 2023
D8.5 Minor-course Automated Vehicles in Logistics (PDF available here) May 2021
D8.6 MOOC Automated Vehicles in Logistics Dec 2023