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5G-Blueprint at IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things

Since 2016, the 5G for CAM initiative has been essential for creating innovations and advancements for seamless connectivity across border corridors. Such cross-border areas are identified as the most challenging ones, aiming at the provisioning of advanced CAM services with service continuity, as one of the main enablers of automated driving across Europe.

Dr. Nina Slamnik-Kriještorac (imec), WP7 leader in the project, recently had a chance to present 5G-Blueprint in the Industry Forum within the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things in Aveiro (Portugal) – an event connected to the 5G for CAM initiative – and show the main achievements, focusing on 5G seamless connectivity for teleoperated driving in complex cross-border settings.

Some of the results we obtained during the real-life testing with full-scale trucks and cars were shown, as well as the lab and field testing of the optimized cross-border roaming mechanisms. These achievements highlight the great effort and tireless work of many project partners aiming to deliver 5G Standalone-enabled teleoperation (of cars, trucks, and vessels) while meeting the stringent requirements on end-to-end latency, throughput, and service interruption time when crossing the border between countries. The event was a great opportunity to learn about achievements from the other projects working on 5G deployments for diverse sectors, such as Road, Rail, Waterways, and Coastal Maritime.


The full presentation can be downloaded from our library

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