Main objectives

5G-Blueprint technological objectives

  • Design and implement a 5G network for CAM (Connected and Automated Mobility) services with stringent requirements on latency, handover time, reliability, packet loss and throughput
  • Tailor and implement the prototype of a tele-operated system
  • Implement and deploy enabling functions guaranteeing the safety of tele-operated transport
  • Validation of the end-to-end tele-operated transport solution supported by 5G in real-life scenarios in cross-border conditions

5G-Blueprint business objectives

  • 5G tele-operated transport market analysis
  • Commercial possibilities
  • Position the possible role of tele-operated transport based on 5G
  • Tele-operated transport based on 5G connectivity market adoption

5G-Blueprint regulatory objective

  • Identify regulatory issues regarding the deployment of cross-border tele-operated transport based on 5G connectivity and identify recommended actions.