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5G-Blueprint paper published in MDPI’S Future Internet

5G-Blueprint is committed to bringing research results closer to the public and adheres to the Open Access guidelines set by the H2020 work programme. In line with these guidelines, another scientific publication emerging from the project has been published and made available through Gold Open Access model.

The article, entitled “Vehicular Communication Management Framework: A Flexible Hybrid Connectivity Platform for CCAM Services” has been published within “Vehicular Networks and Mobility as Service” Special Issue. Congratulation to Dries Naudts, Vasilis Maglogiannis, Seilendria Hadiwardoyo, Daniel van den Akker, Simon Vanneste, Siegfried Mercelis, Peter Hellinckx, Bart Lannoo, Johann Marquez-Barja, and Ingrid Moerman for co-authoring the paper.

In the upcoming decade and beyond, the Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) initiative will play a huge role in increasing road safety, traffic efficiency and comfort of driving in Europe. While several individual vehicular wireless communication technologies exist, there is still a lack of real flexible and modular platforms that can support the need for hybrid communication. In this paper, we propose a novel vehicular communication management framework (CAMINO), which incorporates flexible support for both short-range direct and long-range cellular technologies and offers built-in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems’ (C-ITS) services for experimental validation in real-life settings. Moreover, integration with vehicle and infrastructure sensors/actuators and external services is enabled using a Distributed Uniform Streaming (DUST) framework. The framework is implemented and evaluated in the Smart Highway test site for two targeted use cases, proofing the functional operation in realistic environments. The flexibility and the modular architecture of the hybrid CAMINO framework offers valuable research potential in the field of vehicular communications and CCAM services and can enable cross-technology vehicular connectivity.

You can read the full paper here (PDF).

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