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5G PPP publishes new brochure

The 5G PPP Automotive Working Group published a brochure on trials and pilots for connected and automated mobility.

The Automotive Working Group, of which 5G-Blueprint is part, focuses on connected and automated mobility and serves as a common platform between 5G-PPP projects developing V2X and Vehicle-as-Infrastructure concepts and components. The members of this group aim to consider a wide range of topics related to automated mobility, such as use cases and KPIs, business aspects, spectrum usage, infrastructure capabilities, as well as safety and security.

The latest brochure aims at providing a schematic and visual summary of key use cases, performance indicators, and tests and pilots that are being conducted in the context of research and innovation projects funded by the 5G PPP that contribute to enabling efficient and reliable 5G-V2X communications for connected and automated mobility. The brochure will be presented at the upcoming EuCNC & 6G Summit.

You can access the brochure here.

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