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5G-Blueprint at ITS World Congress 2021


5G-Blueprint participated in the ITS World Congress 2021, the largest congress focused on smart mobility and the digitalization of transport.

The congress was held in a hybrid format and offered an opportunity to attend in-person to meet and exchange experiences with fellow experts, learn about the latest technologies and policy developments in smart mobility and digital transport, and discuss future plans that will bring us closer to sustainable, safe, and efficient mobility.

Three 5G-Blueprint papers (now fully available on the project website) were presented at the conference, covering three different aspects of the project: C-ITS service developments, on-time logistics and freight, and logistics operations.

The paper entitled “Smart Highway: An Interoperable V2X Testbed for Connected and Autonomous Mobility Services in Belgium” led by imec – Universiteit Antwerpen, highlighted the features of the Smart Highway testbed. The testbed, located in the city of Antwerp, Belgium, comprises roadside units along the highway, as well as a test vehicle embedded with an onboard unit consisting of a testing ground for experimenting connectivity between vehicles and roadside infrastructures in the scope of ITS. It allows testing different types of radio access technologies with its messaging according to the current ITS standards using commercial off-the-shelf modules. Moreover, the Smart Highway testbed is interoperable and was demonstrated by cross pilot testing with the pilot site in the Netherlands.

The importance of business and governance model blueprints for teleoperated transport in cross-border settings” led by imec –Vrije Universiteit Brussels, presented the approach that will be, and currently is, taken in the CAM Governance and Business Model Work Package to carry the project’s techno-economic, business modeling, and governance analyses, with the objective to develop blueprints for sustainable business and governance models for optimal deployment.

The third paper entitled, “Tele-operated driving in logistics as a transition to full automation: An exploratory study and research agenda” led by HZ – University of Applied Sciences presents technical, operational, economic, social, safety, and legal requirements for deployment of teleoperated driving systems in logistics operations were identified by means of interviews with various stakeholders in teleoperation technology and software, logistics service providers and research institutions. The results determine the deployment requirements of teleoperated road transport. Moreover, future implications of teleoperated road transport in supply chain operations are elaborated upon and key areas for further research are outlined.

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